CRM & Database

CRM & Database

Maintaining and intensifying customer relationships.

Database supported relationship marketing.

Database supported marketing is an excellent method to analyze and control better customer relationships and to use them more intensive.

All available information about your customers or your target customers is systematically captured, generated, prepared and processed. Database marketing is a continuous process, where the responses of your customer- and target customer communication will be analyzed and the results will be fed back to the database. With the obtained results you will be able to communicate with your customer more individually, even more according to his needs.

Successful, individualized dialogue marketing is crucially dependant on data quality. mediadress uses innovative analysis and scoring methods to optimize existing customer data, to acquire new target groups with obtained profiles and to utilize in efficient new customer acquisitions.

mediadress supports you to activate prospects, to bind existing customers and to reactivate old customer relationships.

mediadress CRM & Database:
More accuracy and individuality for your customer dialogue...