IT Services

Data preparation and evaluation.

Powerful IT-Service.

A highly qualified team is available for you in the data processing centre of mediadress, that carries out extensive optimization services with specialized software and the most modern IT systems. The versatile methods are targeted to generate quality improvement of your address database, to make better use or to reactivate the existing resp. in-active customer relationships.

More relevancy, less returns by:

  • Data preparation, address conversion, analysis and selections
  • Data entry and address maintenance
  • Own customer database analysis, data updating incl. relocation updating (e.g. Postadress cleaning)

More response, less waste circulation by:

  • Data refinement by information enrichment
  • Name analysis and phone-/ fax-assignment
  • Micro geography
  • Porto optimization
  • Deduplication against negative databases

More knowledge about customers and customer behaviour by:

  • Data mining and Scoring
  • CRM-processing and analysis
  • Response analysis

mediadress IT-Service:
More quality for your address database, more success in your customer dialogue...