Placing targeted household advertisement.

Door drop campaigns – from broad to highly selective.

The more specific you can outline your target group, the more efficiently you can reach it with our variable “zustellplus” services. Through combining innovative selection methods with your customer data or profiles mediadress determines small market cells) in Germany with a high target group density. Direct marketing cannot be more direct and efficient!


An overview of zustellplus products:

zustellplus basics

  • „Generating regular customers from walk-ins.“
  • Location based optimisation of target groups based on PLZ8 (eight digit postcode) for shops, branches and other companies with walk-in customers

zustellplus select

  • „Reaching only a certain target group.“
  • Optimisation of target groups according to location and customer profile for shops, branches and other companies with walk-in customers and concrete requirements of the desired target group (age, education, income etc.)

zustellplus topselect

  • „Finding new customer groups with own address databases.“
  • Determination and optimisation of target groups based on existing customer addresses and PLZ8 for companies with customer address database

zustellplus maxselect

  • "Analysing sales areas to develop new customer potentials."
  • zustellplus+ maxselect is a planning tool to identify sales territories and for the optimization of distributing advertising media, particularly suitable for suppliers with large scale customer address database (mail order, insurance companies, banks, etc.).

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mediadress zustellplus:
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